Kate in her cowgirl boots, holding a briefcase full of magic, August 2020

Have cards, will travel.

Planning a birthday, bachelorette, or other party? Looking for a fun pop-up event for your shop or cafe? Booking programs for a library or community center?

I am available to read tarot at parties and pop-ups of all kinds! I can also bring my Tarot 101 workshop to your community space, or even customize an event that combines some 101 teaching with personalized readings for you and your guests.

I am currently based out of my home turf of Seacoast Maine & New Hampshire, and I’d be happy to travel anywhere in New England. I’ve also hosted tarot workshops and at least one party via Zoom — anything is possible!

How does it work?

For private events and parties, I’ll charge a flat fee and then each guest can pay for their own reading. Alternatively, you can pay for the whole kit and caboodle ahead of time.

For pop-ups and workshops, I’ll follow your lead. In the past I’ve participated in all kinds of arrangements: I’ve held ticketed workshops where participants pay, and I’ve also been paid by organizations offering the workshop free to the public. I’ve paid “rent” to book a space to conduct readings, and I’ve also been invited to set up independently in a corner. If you want, we can negotiate how to set the price and split the revenue.

Kate conducting a Tarot 101 workshop at the Exeter, NH Public Library, October 2021

Let’s chat!

Email me your idea, and we can start discussing details.

My only goal is to bring my work to the people who need it. If you’re open-minded, I am too!

You can find me at thelaundresstarot (at) gmail.com.

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