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In addition to my work as a tarot reader & astrologer, I host an ongoing sister circle through my project The Spiral Temple. So far, our events have all taken place via Zoom… but keep your eyes peeled for in-person circles around the Seacoast (ME & NH)!

Currently, our group meets once a month to honor each New Moon. In the past we have also gathered to celebrate each of the eight pagan holidays: the solstices, equinoxes, and cross-quarter days.

What is a temple circle? It’s a sacred invitation to drop out of our ego minds and speak from the womb of silence. We do not gather to “fix” one another, but rather to remember that we are already whole. By embracing our humanity, we access our divinity.

An Autumn Equinox altar, including cross-stitch reading, "REAP RICH HARVESTS THAT LOVE HAS SOWN," September 2020
Image with text reading, "The vision of The Spiral Temple is to hold sacred space to re-member the Goddess, reawaken the Divine Feminine, and reconnect with the cycles of the Moon and the Wheel of the Year."

Join us!

The Spiral Temple is a feminist, trans-inclusive space for women, femmes, and nonbinary folks to center the Feminine by consciously working with the generative magic of the womb-space. Our circle is a sister circle: we honor the idea of sisterhood and, at times, center the experience of living in a female body. If this work resonates, regardless of your biology or identity, then you are welcome in The Spiral Temple.

Special events that are open to men or, alternatively, geared specifically toward people who bleed/have bled will be indicated as such.

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