Kate in her "R.I.P. PATRIARCHY" t-shirt, standing in front of the tarot wall at The Wilder in Portsmouth, NH, March 2020

You can call me Kate.

I’ve been playing with tarot cards for 20 years, studying them seriously for nearly 10, and reading professionally since 2019.

My style as a reader is down-to-earth and conversational, and I draw heavily on my previous life as a high school English teacher to ensure that you’ll understand the logic behind the information I’m providing. While I do love the esoteric nature of the tarot, ultimately I want to demystify it in order to help YOU embrace your own intuitive gifts.

After I left teaching in 2019, I turned my longtime interest in Western astrology into an intensive study, and I’ve since put out my shingle as a natal chart reader as well as a tarotist.

In addition to individual readings, I am available for parties and pop-ups of all kinds. I’ve found that tarot goes especially well with bachelorette parties, where close friends are already gathered to celebrate one another’s growth. You can read more about private parties here.

Finally, I love to teach Tarot 101 and Astrology 101 workshops locally and online, in the spirit of “teach a man to fish.” Nothing makes me happier than a client or participant telling me that they’ve bought their own deck, printed out their chart, and started using these tools for themselves! You can read more about my educational programs here.

Here’s what I’m about.

Over the years, I’ve realized that the cards themselves don’t contain any answers — only mirrors that help us see ourselves more clearly.

I consider tarot to be a tool for accessing my claircognizance, or “clear knowing.” I identify as an intuitive rather than psychic reader, and I am not a spirit medium or predictor of the future. Instead, I am interested in helping you to access your own gnosis in the present moment.

My work is healing rather than predictive and has been informed greatly by my own process with a Jungian analyst and subsequent study at the rich intersection of feminist/decolonial spirituality and Jungian psychology.

I see the archetypal language of the tarot as a tool for what Jung called individuation — the process of becoming a more and more integrated Self — and I believe that this is a radical act in a violent overculture that thrives on our fragmentation.

This isn’t about predicting the future. It’s about looking into the mirror that life is holding up for us, taking radical responsibility for our purpose and our path, and making magic, here, now.

Do ya feel me?

Kate in a black dress and pink sunglasses, with Instagram stickers superimposed: two tarot cards and a crystal ball, May 2019

The way I see it…

Astrology, like the tarot, is an archetypal language that helps us to make meaning of our lives. It’s a tool to help us understand ourselves, our conditioning, and our path toward integration and individuation. Your natal chart is not a static photograph of “who you are” so much as a dynamic map of who you are becoming.

Many of us first come to astrology with a secret desire to be told who we are, to find validation and purpose in life that sounds something like this: “I am a Gemini, and therefore I am…”.

But the way I see it, the truth of incarnation is more like this: “I AM, and therefore I have wounds and gifts, strengths and weaknesses, karmic patterns many lifetimes old… and in the mirror that Gemini is holding up for me, I see…”.

I believe that you (yes, YOU!) consciously chose your chart when you incarnated here, and I want to help you consciously use it as a tool for liberation in the now moment.

Radical indeed. Magical indeed.

You really, really are.

So who’s The Laundress?

She’s me, and she’s an alter ego. I think I first glimpsed her in a certain Halloween costume, pictured here, back in 2018…

She’s the carnival persona I might adopt if you hire me for a big party. She’s the mask I might wear when you see me setting up in the corner of the bar — and the one I’ll let down if you choose to come closer.

She’s an archetype, just as each tarot card is. She’s The High Priestess after the spin cycle.

She’s rolled up her sleeves to help you deal with your dirty laundry, and she isn’t shy about hers.

She’s ready to hand you a soapbox, so you can stand up and speak your truth!

Kate dressed up for Halloween as The High Priestess card, October 2018

Let’s keep in touch.

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