You can call me Kate.

I’ve been playing with tarot cards for eighteen years, studying them seriously for eight, and reading professionally since 2019.

My style is down-to-earth and conversational, and I draw heavily on my previous life as a high school English teacher to ensure that my clients understand the logic behind the information I’m providing. While I do love the esoteric nature of the tarot, ultimately I want to demystify it in order to help others embrace their own intuitive gifts. I’ve taught Tarot 101 workshops locally and online, and there is nothing I love more than a client telling me that they’ve bought their own deck and started reading for themselves!

Over the years, I’ve realized that the cards themselves don’t contain any answers — only mirrors that help us see ourselves more clearly. I consider tarot a tool for accessing my claircognizance, or “clear knowing.” In the last year or so, astrology has also come forward as a similar tool for me, and as I’ve dedicated myself more fully to its study, I have begun to offer astrological insight to my clients.

Who is The Laundress?

She’s me, and she’s an alter ego. I think I first glimpsed her in a certain Halloween costume, pictured here, back in 2018…

She’s the circus persona I might adopt if you hire me for a birthday party. She’s the mask I might wear when you see me pulling cards at the park — and the one I’ll let down if you choose to come closer.

She’s an archetype, just as each tarot card is. She’s The High Priestess after the spin cycle.

She is the part of us that isn’t afraid to stand on a soapbox and say what we believe.

She is the part of us that’s finally ready to deal with all our dirty laundry.

Say hi.

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