Here’s what folks are saying:

"friends! run! don't walk! to get the best tarot readings of your liiife from my sweet siStar @themodernlaundress. honestlyyyy — Kate is magic and every reading that she's done for me has been [fire emoji].”
“Highly recommend the laundress for her interpretative card readings! Cards pulled for me fit together like a well told story! Many thanks to Kate and her cards for the wisdom!!!”
“Holy shit I am so thrilled with that reading!!!! You have really given me so much insight and so much to think about!”

“Oh My Goddess Goodness Priestess of the Laundry! Hot damn! Wowowow. Tons to process, but right off the bat - this offering is SHAMANIC THERAPY. You have got it going ON. Will take all your instructions as prescriptions for the truest spirit medicine there be. Thank you thank you thank you!”
“I mean I didn’t expect less necessarily but was still just so amazed with how thorough your analysis was and yet how concise and easy to digest your interpretation of the cards was. I’ve had other tarot readings and none have been explained in such a helpful way.”
“Thanks for all your guidance Kate. You’re so wise and soothing and helpful!”

“I’ve been doing a little bit of second guessing so it was really helpful to have that decision reinforced and to be reminded that my energy can be put towards envisioning and manifesting the life I really want. Seriously that was such an excellent reading I really appreciate it so much.”
“Shout out to my dear friend @themodernlaundress for giving me the most insightful and actionable tarot reading of my life!”
“She’s good, folks! She knows her shit.”

I want to hear from YOU!

If you’ve had a reading, attended a 101 program, or sat in sacred circle with me, I’d love to hear your feedback.

What was your experience?

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