Teach a man the cards…

Booking education and enrichment programs?

I am at the ready to bring my Tarot 101 and Astrology 101 workshops to your public library or other community space.

By popular demand, I’ve developed “201” follow-up programs for both tarot and astrology; Tarot for Teens is ready to go; and Astrology for Teens is in the works.

I am based out of my home turf of Seacoast Maine & New Hampshire, and when the stars align, I’d be happy to travel anywhere within 90 minutes of Dover, New Hampshire, including Portland, Maine and Boston, Massachusetts.

If you’re farther afield, not to worry! I’ve hosted lots and lots of these programs on Zoom.

Ms. Sheridan lives on

My programs are powerpoint & lecture-style offerings with Q&A woven throughout. Folks always comment on my enthusiasm for the subject matter, and no one is surprised to hear that I was a high school English teacher for eight years!

Life is about learning. Always has been, always will be.

Let’s work together!

I love working with libraries, where the programs are free and open to the public. But I’m also open to ticketed events where participants pay to attend. Let me know how your organization normally runs events, and we’ll go from there.

I’ve also been known to tailor my 101 programs for smaller, private groups. I can even customize an event that combines some 101 teaching with personalized readings for you and your guests. You can read more about private parties here.

Shoot me an email with your vision (location, possible dates, and event structure), and I’ll let you know my rates.

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