The Lady in the Moon

If you’re local to me and you’d like to book an in-person tarot reading, the easiest way is to visit The Lady in the Moon, a boutique gift shop with a witchy aesthetic in Portland, Maine. I was the first of a growing team of readers at this woman-owned business, and I love the girl-gang vibe that The Lady in the Moon brings to Monument Square.

I’m there every Friday, open to close!

Tarot on Tap at Auspicious Brew

Dover locals know me as the bar manager & events creatrix at Auspicious Brew, New Hampshire’s first licensed kombucha brewery, located in the mills at One Washington.

I’m totally biased, but I think Auspicious Brew is the best community spot in Dover! I’m particularly proud of the Stellar Sips Series, a monthly wellness series offering tools for body, mind, and soul inspired by each zodiac season.

And did you know that once a month on a Friday night, you can find me on your side of the bar pulling cards?

Join me for the next Tarot on Tap!

Full Moon Readings at Dwyer’s Pub

On the Friday closest to each full moon, I’ll be set up at Dwyer’s Pub in Portsmouth, NH. Legend has it that The Laundress was born in the apartment right upstairs, where my partner, Emerson, used to live and where the old Book & Bar crew was known to have a party or two.

Traditional Irish pub meets hip locals bar, Dwyer’s is just what Portsmouth needed. Sláinte!

The Spiral Temple & beyond

In addition to my work as a tarot reader & astrologer, I have facilitated sacred circles both online through my project The Spiral Temple and in person at Embodied Directions Wellness Sanctuary in Dover. Although I am not currently active in either of these spaces, this work remains near and dear to my heart.

I hold circle in the spirit of the priestess arts: the modern recuperation of the largely untold legacy of ancient Feminine and Earth-based spiritual practices, womb wisdom, and worship of the Great Mother and the Goddess in Her many faces.

I believe that this work, when offered as explicitly feminist and decolonial praxis, literally has the power to change the world, currently so ravaged by capitalist and patriarchal abuse. In the past I have held trans-inclusive space for women and nonbinary folks where we occasionally center the experience of living in a female body. Ultimately, however, I believe that a conscious re-membering of the Mother is for all people, regardless of biology or gender identity.

I owe so much not only to the amazing women who have been my teachers, but also to the robust communities that they have cultivated.

Most recently, in 2021, I completed 13 Moons, a yearlong program in Earth-based shamanic work led by Jonah Ruh Roberts and Una Gallagher in western NH.

Before that, I’d begun spending time with Priestess Presence — an online/etheric temple in the tradition of the mytho-historical Avalon — after sitting in circle with Dianne Chalifour at Earth Harmony Wellness here in Dover in 2019.

The following year, I completed the Temple Guide Training with Priestess Presence focalizer Elayne Kalila Doughty and began holding my Spiral Temple circles at Lughnasadh 2020.

If you are intrigued by this path, a great place to start is the 13 Moon Oracle Cards by Ariel Spilsbury, the “fairy godmother” of Elayne Kalila and the Priestess Presence lineage.

I know I’ll hold temple circles again someday. In the meantime, you can sign up for my newsletter below to keep track of other community events and tune into my Musings along the Wheel of the Year.

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