Astrology 201: Houses & More

Are you ready to learn more?

This program is for anyone who has attended Astrology 101 with Kate and/or gained basic astrology skills independently. If you’re familiar with the twelve zodiac signs, the four elements and three modalities, and the ten traditional planets, then you’re ready for 201!

This program is a lecture-style PowerPoint presentation with Q&A woven throughout. After a brief review of the 101 concepts mentioned above, Kate will offer further insight into how to read a chart, including a closer look at the five major aspects and a deep dive into concepts relating to the twelve houses of a chart. Understanding houses will not only allow you to read a natal chart more fluently but will also help demystify horoscopic (i.e., predictive) astrology techniques.

Attendees are strongly encouraged to look up their natal charts in advance on any number of free websites (for example, Although Kate will not have time to provide personalized chart interpretations, you will be invited to apply key concepts to your own chart as we go. (Hard copy or digital is fine.) You may also want to bring a notebook and pen. The program will begin with an extended Q&A troubleshooting session, particularly for those who have attended Astrology 101, so feel free to come prepared with questions!

While this program is designed with relative beginners in mind, independent review of 101 concepts is helpful. More intermediate astrology learners may benefit from this jam-packed review of foundational concepts.

About the presenter: Kate Sheridan, a.k.a. The Laundress, is a tarot reader and astrologer who believes that each one of us can make our own magic. Her approach is healing rather than predictive, and her work is deeply informed by Jungian psychology. You can find her on Instagram @themodernlaundress or online at

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