Tarot for Teens

Let's talk tarot! This program is for you if you’ve ever seen a tarot reader pulling cards on TikTok and thought to yourself, “I want to learn how to do that!” Just imagine what you could get out of the cards if you could ask highly personalized questions instead of just tuning in to the generic readings you see online.

This event is open to teens who want to learn more about how to read the cards for themselves and others, using the classic Smith-Rider-Waite deck as a guide.

The first part of the program will be lecture-style, with PowerPoint slides and Q&A woven throughout. Rather than working to memorize 78 different card meanings, we’ll approach the tarot from a bird’s eye view to see how the cards might work together in a reading. In the second half of the program, we will look more closely at the Major Arcana (The Fool, The Magician, etc.) and you’ll be guided to conduct a mini-reading for yourself.

The tarot is its own language, so you won’t become fluent overnight, but you’ll leave the program with a solid foundation to continue your tarot journey at home.

You’re encouraged to bring a notebook and pen, plus your favorite tarot deck (but it’s okay if you don’t have one yet!).

This program isn’t about predicting the future or memorizing what each card means. This is about empowering YOU to explore new ways to connect to your intuition.

About the presenter: Kate Sheridan, a.k.a. The Laundress, is a tarot reader and astrologer who believes that each one of us can make our own magic. You can find her on Instagram @themodernlaundress or online at thelaundresstarot.com.

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