Looking Back on Bealtaine

June 13, 2023

This age is a bonfire.
A sacrifice above furrowed fields
where a brave new world’s been planted.
A need-fire
where once there stood a city on a hill —
and there is so much that we need:
sovereign choice.
Hope when the reasons seem few.

Age of destruction or illumination?
It isn’t ours to know.
Ours only to jump the fire,
hand in hand with the Beloved.
Betrothal not a promise but a statement of Truth:
an offer of Union in each leaf unfurling,
the green face of God all around you and within you.

Springtime a declaration of Love,
an alchemy of opposites,
stamen and pistil. And you
made in the image of One beyond all binaries —
yours only to express Truth as it moves through you.
Yours only to adorn yourself in Love
as the Earth adorns itself in flowers.

Copyright Kate Sheridan, 2023

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