Between Samhain and Yule

November 21, 2023

The yearly challenge:

What is it in you
that is ready to die?

In its place,
time itself elongates
as the light dwindles:



ripe as an apple.






I continue to sort through old photos and post them to Instagram in little acknowledgements of each holy day as a portal, in memory, from one year to the next.

This kind of cyclical reflection is precisely why we celebrate the Wheel of the Year at all — to access a sense of ritual, of timelessness within the passage of time; to see the seasons of our lives as part of a greater whole; to understand ourselves as organic, as creatures of blood and bone, who belong here on Earth just as a leaf belongs, just as a berry or a rabbit belongs. We belong here on Earth, and the season of harvest in particular reminds us that She loves us very, very much… even as we face the coming of winter…

Copyright Kate Sheridan, 2023

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